SuperbWoman T-Shirts

$25-$30 ($5.50 shipping)

When you get to PayPal, please specify the size and color you want.

For Sizes Small, Medium, & Large, the price is $25. For Sizes 2X and 3X, the price is $30. Cap is $18.

SuperbWoman Vision Journal

$10.00 ($3 shipping)

“Write down the vision and make it plain.”

Four Keys for Life

$14.00 ($3.00 shipping)

This book details the keys to help you prepare and balance your finances, caregiving, and health.

SuperbWoman not SuperWoman

$12.00 ($3 shipping)

SuperbWoman Not SuperWoman is about repositioning, resilience and renewal. This book is about getting back in position when unforeseen circumstances present themselves in your Life.
The author shares what it takes to simplify your life and take off all the weights and wounds that you wear under you costume, mask and cape, and how to exchange them for a crown. Don’t drown in shallow water when you can swim out deep and discover that you have more energy to get you there without burning out.
Take care of you and be the best you that you can be. GO FORWARD BIG “ believe in goals” set them and have the confidence to achieve them.

Transformational Books

$15.00 ($3 shipping)

The 5 Minute Mentor book is a powerful mentoring tool that is easy to follow and practical devotional to bring transformation into your life in five minutes a day. Make mentor-ship a priority.  Healing from Emotional Enemies will take you through the process of facing your emotions and provide a hands on approach to your recovery. This Manual provides well-researched solutions and practical help while on this journey to overcome the past and move into your future. In these pages the reader will discover answers that will help them to face adversity and become stronger at the end of the process. Emotional Enemies will let you go moving you from a place of pain to a place of abundant living. Self-Esteem: Breaking Free of the Past is intended to assist everyone that reads it to make wise decisions. It will direct you on a path to choose success. It is filled with insightful information that will allow you to make decisions and implement changes in your day to day life. 

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