SEPTEMBER 12 – 20, 2023

9 Days of Quotes & Activations Challenge

When you open your mouth, speak “LIFE.” Come speak and share the words that I speak to you, my dynamic readers. These quotes will affirm you to speak life for 9 days and change your tongue and what you speak over your day.
Words of wisdom, words of inspiration, positive words, and affirming words.

Step #1

Pay $19 for registration fee.

Step #2

Fill out the form below to register for this challenge.

Step #3

Purchase Challenge Book on Amazon for $9.99.

Click on book below to go directly to the book on Amazon.

Step #4

Look out for the 9 Day Challenge Facebook Private Group Invite.

Step #5

Mark the following dates and times on your calendar. Turn on the notifications in the Facebook Private Group so you don’t miss a Live episode.

September 9th to 17th at 6 pm PST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST Facebook Live in the private group. Make sure you join the group when you get the invite.

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