Superbwoman: Hey GOALfriend Planner Vision

GOALfriends are GIRLfriends and a partnership of like-minded women. They work hand and hand with each other to support and transform the lives of each other as a community of women.
They empower each other, so that together they can make a difference to ensure that they each can meet every goal.
This Hey Goalfriend note planner will give you the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.
Stay focused on following your DREAMS-GOALS and VISIONS

SuperbWoman: GOALmine Planner Financial

There is a GOLDmine hidden in you, something from which a person can earn a lot of money or that can provide a lot of something that people want.
Set your GOALS and create the Next Level for your life, there is a written GOALmine awaiting you, follow the pages outlined in this financial note planner.
Follow your Financial Visions and your Dreams.

Superbwoman: GOALdiggers Action Planner

Never have a lack of goals. Having goals that we are passionate about gives us something to look forward to each and every morning when we wake up.
Not having goals is an excellent recipe for average living.
Dig Deep to develop your GOALS
The deeper you DIG the more the reward
When you set a GOAL, it is how deep you are willing to dig for the end results, if the plan doesn’t work change the plan never change the GOAL.

SuperbWoman: GOALcrusHER Results Planner

Being effective to achieve goals set with a clear vision for where you are going and the ability to set your goals and crush them.
As long as you’re going to think big, think bigger anyway.
A little progress each day adds up to big results, just measure each step.
You are your only limit, read this note planner guide it will help you to be a GOALcrusHER.
Dreams are for dreamers. Goals are for achievers.

SuperbWoman not SuperWoman

SuperbWoman Not SuperWoman is about repositioning, resilience and renewal. This book is about getting back in position when unforeseen circumstances present themselves in your Life.
The author shares what it takes to simplify your life and take off all the weights and wounds that you wear under you costume, mask and cape, and how to exchange them for a crown. Don’t drown in shallow water when you can swim out deep and discover that you have more energy to get you there without burning out.
Take care of you and be the best you that you can be. GO FORWARD BIG “ believe in goals” set them and have the confidence to achieve them.

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