About Alicia

Coach, Mentor, Pastor, & Author

Alicia M. George

Alicia M. George will take you to a life excursion of spiritual and personal growth . She is called to mentor personally and from a distance. She is also the Founder & CEO of Boss Business. The mission of Boss Business is to empower, equip, inspire, and influence entrepreneurs and start up businesses to connect to create successful entrepreneurial opportunities. With Alicia, you will receive instructions and directions to assist you on a path to choose success for whatever season of life you’re in.
It is your time to elevate and grow with insightful information that will allow you to make decisions and implement changes in your day to day living. It is also your time to show up and move. So, let’s show up together because we are stronger together. Let your next move be a Pursuit of Purpose, Vision & Development Building with BIG goals.

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